Night Vision

Since feral hogs are mainly nocturnal, it takes very specialized (and expensive) equipment to hunt them effectively at night.. Tactical Hog Control, LLC. uses the absolute latest in night vision technology. The goggles we use are helmet-mounted Gen-III ANVIS-9's (Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System). These are the same goggles that are currently being used by many of our jet fighter and attack helicopter pilots. There are no finer night vision goggles available in the world today. We hunt when other outfitters are sitting at home, waiting on the right moon phase.
We use the night vision goggles to navigate through the darkness and to locate the hogs. After we've located the hogs, we'll discuss the situation and plan a stalk. The goggles are critical for this phase of the operation, allowing the hunter to clearly see obstacles and make a successful approach. Then the other parts of our night vision and thermal arsenal come into play. About half of our weapons are fitted with Gen-III, 6x night vision scopes....Aquilas, D-760's and Raptors Some of these night scopes are the same models that are currently being used by our advanced ground troops and snipers. This advanced equipment helps to make us successful, where others fail.

Thermal Imaging

In addition to the latest in night vision equipment, the professionals at Tactical Hog Control, LLC., also use thermal imaging equipment. More commonly known as Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR), these devices detect heat. No matter how dark the night is, whether it's foggy or not, the hogs can't hide from the FLIR ! About half of our rifles are also fitted with thermal weapon sights (TWS)....from Raytheon, BAE, DRS and the new Nitehog TuskIR384. All of these devices help insure a successful hunt.


The weapons we use are semi-automatic AR-15's and AR-10's. These rifles are very similar to the standard issue M16, used by our military forces (they're just not fully-automatic). The calibers of these rifles are .223, .243 WSSM, 6.8SPC, .300 Blackout and .308. About half of the rifles are fitted with Gen-III Night vision scopes ...the other half have thermal weapon sights. All of our rifles are fitted with registered sound there is no need for hearing protection!


We offer several options regarding ground transportation. Most hunts are done from a 4WD 6-passenger Polaris Ranger or a 4WD military Land Rover RSOV (Ranger Special Ops Vehicle). All electric, 4WD Bad Boy Buggies are also used for short-mileage trips.